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On-Shore Test Lab

Telesis’ state-of-the-art Test Lab offers all of the advantages of offshore testing, with none of the disadvantages. All work is done in Connecticut by college-educated, experienced software testers, at offshore rates.

No Communication Challenges: There are no culture or language barriers, and no time zone or geographic differences. Studies have shown that cultural differences alone are responsible for up to a 200% cost increase due to poor communication and a 20% decrease in testing efficiency.

Full Accountability: We’re right here. No expensive foreign travel. No hidden test management overhead. No high turnover rates (as high as 80% overseas). No geopolitical risks or intellectual property worries. If your project requires close interaction with your outsource partner, we’re right here. Over the years, we have developed expertise in a variety of different industries, including insurance, banking, energy, manufacturing, defense and gaming, among others. For a list of satisfied clients, click here.

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