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SalesForce & Automation Services

30+ Years Experience In Business Process Automation

SalesForce & Automation Services are Telesis’ ONLY business. We have been successfully automating business processes for over 30 years, and specialize in: SalesForce CRM; QA & Test automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA); and customized Salesforce application solutions. Our client list speaks volumes about our proven methodologies and solutions.

Today’s business leaders understand the importance of utilizing leading edge technology for business process automation (BPA). Limited resources and a demand for double-digit return on investment (ROI) require those leaders to define projects that can leverage multiple technologies to achieve compounded results. Whether your goal is to streamline and automate health care processes, insurance policy-writing and claims, human resource functionality, accounting & expense processing, or casino gaming analytics; Telesis has successfully implemented automated solutions to assist clients in achieving their goals.

SalesForce is the #1 CRM and customized Web and Mobile app platform. Translate your business vision into optimized solutions in weeks, not years. We can help you design and implement solutions to translate worker & customer experiences into powerful and automated processes.

Our Business Intelligence Templates™ will jump start any process automation effort by quickly identifying your highest risk processing areas and expedite delivery of your business innovations.

What Our Clients Say

John Rafferty

I have never seen anything like Telesis’s regression tools in the industry. They were the key differentiator in the decision to hire Telesis.

-John Rafferty
SVP of Underwriting, Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

Robert Khosroper

[Telesis was] able to quickly learn the necessary elements…then design and execute on the quality assurance testing, as well as full data migration from our legacy system. I am very impressed with the team, the technology, and the results.

-Robert Khosroper
COO, Mariposa Insurance Services

Bernard Piccione

Telesis has high caliber people who are very knowledgeable in this space. The BCBSMA staff really respected the advice and recommendations Telesis offered. We are very pleased with our results.

-Bernard Piccione
Sr. Director, BCBSMA

Michael Anselmo

Telesis’s data conversion provided the re-usability and dependability that we needed. We are more than satisfied with our results.

-Michael Anselmo
CIO, Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

Dennis Steckler

Telesis provided thought leadership throughout the engagement….This probably saved us a month or more of internal work, and it would not have been nearly as accurate, or as efficient, as Telesis made it for us.

-Dennis Steckler
Sr. Architect, STA Group, LLC

Brian Elsmore

We came out with many solid ideas on ways to improve Tower Hill’s automation and quality program.

-Brian Elsmore
CIO, Tower Hill Insurance Group

Alyssa Hostelley

We were fortunate to work with you all for the NBIC implementation and hope to work with you on many more in the future!

-Alyssa Hostelley
VP of Production Management, BlueWave Technology

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