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Automated Data Conversion

Many companies are updating their legacy systems with new solution offerings and modern architecture, such as Web Portal applications. These companies need to convert their old data so that it can be understood and reused by the new system, allowing the older technology to sunset. The converted data must be in a new format, oftentimes with a greatly expanded structure, so that new system business functionality can be used.

BT3 automates the data conversion from the legacy system to the new application. The process begins with an ETL extract file from the old legacy system, which includes data translation logic (e.g., code 123 becomes A7 and A8 for the new system). BT3 then automates the input of the reformatted data extract into the new system via its front-end screen flow. This unique automation process guarantees that all appropriate data edits are passed and assures a clean and accurate conversion (versus the common direct database loading conversion processes).

automated data conversion services

Being at heart a quality assurance company, Telesis then verifies the conversion by utilizing automated compares and expected results to ensure data conversion quality. For more information on BT3’s automated data conversion, contact us.

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