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Advanced Automation & RPA Solutions – BT3

BT3 is the First, TRULY Business-Oriented Automation Platform

The majority of Automation solutions in today’s marketplace are technology-focused when the real challenge is to be BUSINESS-focused. Our Business Transaction & Technology Tool (BT3) is the most advanced business-oriented Automation Solution available today. BT3 uses Business Intelligence Templates™ to define the most critical business data for your industry and product line. Our Templates jump-start the business process automation by identifying the highest-risk data areas and defining the processes that can be automated quickly and efficiently. Finally, our proprietary Automation architecture will assure that each business process is performed quickly and cost-effectively while guaranteeing that these business assets are durable and reusable for many years to come.

rpa automation services

Per Gartner, Everest Group, and Ovum, business organizations have begun replacing offshored BPO and shared service tasks with robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. RPA are rules-based automation solutions, where sophisticated software programs (i.e. robots) drive the user interface, just like humans can. This ‘virtual workforce’ allows for 24×7 accurate, reusable sand zero error processing at ONE THIRD the cost! These VIRTUAL WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS free your business resources from rote business tasks and allow them to focus more on business innovation and profitability.

BT3’s Automation Architecture delivers automation results quickly and more importantly, assures that your application UI changes do NOT break the automation processes. This is the #1 point of automation vulnerability and there are many horror tales to support this. Instead, BT3 uses a proprietary process that results in DURABLE and REUSABLE automated processes.

All BT3 Automated Solutions include hands-on implementation and training to ensure success.

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