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AmeriSource Training Program

AmeriSource is a cost-effective domestic alternative to offshore process automation. Like outsourcing, AmeriSource focuses on driving business processing costs down, but the work is done by our technology trainees, in your offices, on your applications. No security issues. No travel costs. No knowledge transition concerns. No high turnover rates. No long term, binding contracts.

The AmeriSource Program teaches Telesis’ proprietary framework and automation processes and goes far beyond just making good business sense for our clients, it also produces skilled workers for a competitive regional economy by employing Veterans, disadvantaged urban youth, displaced mature workers and recent unemployed college graduates.  AmeriSource partners with the following Organizations to accomplish that goal:

New England TechVets; CT Department of Veterans Affairs; Hartford STEP UP Program; Capital Workforce Partners (CWP);  CT State Department on Aging – Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP); and unemployed graduates from leading CT universities.

There are two AmeriSource training programs to choose from:

AmeriSource Salesforce:

After finishing a nine week Salesforce Automation training program at Telesis’ labs, the Trainees go to work for you, at rates competitive with offshore operations. During the nine week program, trainees are given both classroom and hands-on Salesforce education and mentorship.  They work on real world, current day application technology problems.  Before they can move onto the next phase, they are required to successfully pass the AmeriSource Salesforce Training final exam.

The next phase is the nine month ‘Work-Study’ phase.  During this period, the trainees work along side your resources to learn your specific business processes and applications.  They can begin to utilize their Salesforce skills and assist your staff with any current business initiatives.  Telesis continues to mentor the trainees one day per week regarding business issues, while preparing them for the Certified Salesforce Administrator exam.

The final phase is the ‘On-the-Job-Training’ phase for one year.  During this period,  trainees are working on client specific Salesforce applications 90% of the time and are mentored by Telesis two days per month.  The goal is to make them proficient at client applications and business processes while obtaining additional Salesforce Certifications.  Dependent upon client requirements, trainees are able to prepare for any of the following Certifications:

-Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification (equivalent to the old Salesforce Dev 401 exam)
-Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
-Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Upon graduation, the client is able to retain the Graduated Salesforce Consultant as either a direct hire employee or as a continuing consultant at reduced market rates.

AmeriSource QA:

After finishing a ten week training program at Telesis’ labs, these Trainees go to work for you, at rates competitive with offshore operations. Telesis continues to mentor the trainees during this work-study phase for an 9 additional months, while they obtain Certified Software Tester certification (CSTE).

Once the internship is over, Telesis works with you to handpick the top students for permanent jobs, or you can retain the trained resources as consultants at reduced market rates.

AmeriSource Trainee Programs – No language barriers. No cultural issues. No excess staff augmentation to support outsourced work. No fabricated ROI figures. No other hidden costs.  Good for society and good for America.

The AmeriSource Program is for US companies that want the benefits of outsourcing, with none of the hassles. With AmeriSource, you develop your future workforce, invest in keeping jobs in the US, and control the way the work is done.