Assurena Insurance Agency is an independent insurance brokerage agency that carries some of the best coverage options in the entire New USA.

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MEP Center SalesForce Solution

Build your State’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) brand to be a recognized and trusted service provider to your clients; Improve your financial management, market presence and enhance your operation with a customized SalesForce MEP system; meet your strategic goals; and increase your MEP/NIST Economic Impact ratings  ($ Total Increased/Retained Sales; Total Increased/Retained Jobs;  $ New Client Investments; and $ Cost Savings).

Telesis has years of experience implementing our customized SalesForce MEP Solution in several State MEP Centers.  Our system is geared toward the proactive pursuit of increased profits and overall Center growth.

mep automation services

We are keenly aware that your Center has limited resources and that you must therefore decide how to target your efforts to maximize impact, and meet program objectives, while at the same time, generating enough fee revenues to meet federal match requirements.  Telesis will implement a Salesforce Solution that helps you to achieve all those goals.

Our Solution has a QuickStart approach that will establish workflows and processes that will guide your staff using automated processes, alerts, notifications, and reporting to assist them.  QuickStart helps them focus on the most promising business for business growth.  You face numerous challenges, such as:  ensuring that your consulting business generates substantial and sustainable revenue; the need to satisfy NIST Metrics; while you are busy competing for limited public funding.  The Telesis MEP Automated SalesForce Solution will assist you in mitigating those challenges while maximizing your revenue stream and your business growth.

The Telesis MEP Automated SalesForce Solution provides:

-MEP Quickstart that supports MEP Industry Standards and Best Practices
-Automated workflows to guide staff for Operational Efficiency
-Enhanced lead cultivation to drive sales
-Focused system page layouts for Operational Efficiency across roles
-Data quality validation rules so you have ACCURATE data
-System Security and data access controls
-Automated scoring to direct staff focus towards the most lucrative companies
-Alerts and Notifications to keep staff focus where it matters most
-Automated NIST integration so you can spend less time preparing NIST reports
-Advance Formulas, Metrics & Reporting
-Standardized documentation & Templates (e.g. Quotes, Proposals, Contracts, etc.)
-Data Migration from your outdated applications or manual spreadsheets

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